Application for review following investigation

The complainant's right of review is exercised within a different time frame, and before a different authority, according to the stage at which the Commissaire à la déontologie policière has dismissed the file.  

When the file is dismissed after the preliminary examination, during conciliation, after conciliation failure or during the investigation, the application for review must be filed before the Commissaire.

When the file is dismissed following the investigation, 

The application for review must be filed at the office of the Comité de déontologie policière (administrative tribunal) within 30 days following notification of the decision rendered by the Commissaire. The application for review is a written statement explaining the reasons for the application.

The Comité renders a decision after examining the reasons and the file prepared by the Commissaire. At any time, if the Comité deems it necessary, the Comité may hold a hearing and cite the complainant.

In its decision, the Comité may :

  • uphold the decision rendered by the Commissaire to dismiss the complaint;
  • quash the decision rendered by the Commissaire by ordering that he :

    • continue the investigation that he had undertaken;
    • conduct a new investigation;
    • cite the police officer, wildlife protection officer, special constable, highway controller or UPAC investigator.

In matters of review, the decision rendered by the Comité is final and without appeal.

The application for review following investigation, made in writing, is filed at the office of the Comité, according to the method of your choice :

Fill out your application on-line

Use the paper form